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Treasurer and Tax Collector
Treasurer and Tax Collector
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225 N. Hill Street
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Toll-Free No.: (888) 807-2111
Secured Property Taxes
(213) 974-2111
Toll-Free No.: (888) 807-2111
Unsecured Property Taxes
1(213) 893-7935
Tax-Defaulted Property Auctions
(213) 974-2045
Tax-Defaulted Property Chapter 8
(213) 974-0871
Business License
(213) 974–2011
Collection Services
(213) 974-0160
Finance & Investments
(213) 974-7175
Other Taxes
(213) 893-7984
(Utility User Tax)
(Transient Occupancy Tax)
(Disposal Facilities-Business
License Tax)
Public Administrator
(213) 974-0404

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